Celine Dion Weight Loss and Her Responses at a Glance!

Celine Dion Weight Loss

Celine Dion is a world-renowned singer, songwriter, and spokesperson who has won the hearts of millions. The world knows her by her incredibly talented voice and talent of singing.

Her hit song ‘My heart will go on’ rings the melody in so many of us even after many years. In recent years, her fans and media have been noticing a drastic change in her appearance.

She has dropped her weight in significant numbers, which has affected her entire outer appearance. Celine Dion weight loss was a question to so many of her fans. ‘Is she fine?’, ‘Is she sick?’, ‘what is going on with her weight?’ are some of the questions which the media shot at Celine.

What does Celine Dion have to say about her weight loss? 

Her responses toward the weight loss journey have been amusing. In 2016, following her husband Rene’s death, she looked drastically slimmer in the hit-maker ‘Because you loved me.’

However, she has engaged herself as the latest spokesperson in L’Oreal Paris. And to the media, she has admitted that she has lost a few pounds, but ensured that she is healthy and fine.

Celine Dion weight loss surgery and Celine Dion eating disorder are some of the major rumors that spread across her fans and fellow musicians. But the record-breaking Grammy winner states that she has not gone under any surgery neither does she have an eating disorder.

In some of the interviews, she seemed irritated by the fact that people have devious reasoning for her weight loss.

According to Dion, she is totally fine, she is doing this for herself, and she has no eating disorder.

She has recently developed her long-term passion for dancing.

Celine Dion is genuinely passionate about ballet and is taking up lessons and training with her close friend and stylist, Pepe Munoz.

Her explanation for weight loss is so simple. She mentioned that dancing has been in her DNA, and she works hard for it, and weight loss comes with it.

In one of her interviews, she mentioned that none of the family members is overweight, and she has always been on the slim side, which is actually true.

We all know that Celine Dion never looked ‘chubby.’ Her cheek and collar bones were always popping out even before she took dancing lessons.

Her fans responding to her weight loss

Since her enrollment in L’Oreal Paris as a spokesperson and fashion icon, her photos on the internet have swirled up to the headlines.

Celine Dion weight loss photos became a ‘most-searched’ phrase by her fans.

Nonetheless, the award-winning singer states that ‘you can’t please everybody’ because she happens to be familiar with criticism, being in the industry for so long.

The music industry has given her a massive platform as an artist, and her pure and matchless talents have shown their colors for over two decades.

To her fans who worry about her health, she ensured that she has always been slim and never fat.

As it turns out, she has all the more reasons to maintain a slender figure as she has now. They include a vigorous fitness routine, a strict diet, and intense dance lessons.

After her performances at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, she trains with her friend Pepe for four times a week. That is a lot of practice, considering the fact that they are ‘intense.’

Celine Dion’s strict diet that contributes to her weight loss

As it is, food plays a massive role in determining our weight. No matter how hard you work out, if your diet is not proper, your efforts are in vain.

Hence, the famous singer has mentioned that her diet has a say in a weight loss journey. We all have heard that breakfast is an essential meal to start the day.

Well, for Dion, it is an espresso and a croissant. According to her, coffee boosts up her mind and body, while the croissant gives enough calories to start the day.

Brushing off criticism like dust on the shoulder

Celine Dion is one of the most successful artists of our time. Criticism has always been a part of her journey.

Whether it is about her songs, about her family, about her private life, or about her weight loss, she has heard them all.

For someone as successful as her, she brushes off criticisms against her appearance like the wind. Critics who blabber about her weight and appearance in the recent photos and fashion shows do nothing to disturb her mind.

The famous L’Oreal ambassador clearly stated that she has no reason to be apologetic about her appearance and to her alone if the people do not like it.

The superstar apparently knows her game and is very confident about her slender figure while the rest of us worry and mourn over it.

Final thoughts: Celine Dion weight loss is not a sickness!

While we all thought Celine was ill, she admits that she is completely fine. She only wishes that her fans accept it and leave her alone without worrying because there is nothing to worry about.

If she is happy, feeling feminine, it is better to accept it the same way as she does. Since dancing has always been her passion, she has decided to take up ballet as part of her time-passing activities along with her strict diet and workout.

Needless to say that weight loss comes along with them. Why worry so much when the star herself admits she is fine?

Though Celine Dion weight loss has been a concern to many, she has cleared the mist enough in so many interviews.

The truth of the matter is, Dion looks like she dropped from heaven, considering her age. She is a successful singer, songwriter, and businesswoman, and it is practical to believe that she knows what she is doing.

None of her immediate family members worry about it as much as the fans do. After all, Celine Dion is someone we adore! Let’s keep it at that.

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