Complete Yoga Guide from Beginners to Advance

You are here because you want to know about yoga. When you are new to yoga and don’t have any appropriate trainer, yoga beginnings can be a little bit tricky for you. If you have an interest in yoga and don’t know the starting point, this guide will help you in this regard.

This yoga for beginner guide explains in detail different aspect of yoga and guide you about where to get started. You will learn all the tips, complete guidelines and the best recommendations that you need to start the yoga practice.

If you want success in yoga, we suggest you read this entire article carefully before attempting any yoga.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is basically a collection of spiritual practices and techniques to integrate mind, spirit, and body to achieve a special state of oneness or enlightenment with the universe. There are several paths of yoga having different approaches and techniques. All paths have special postures in yoga as well. However, all paths lead to the same objective that is enlightenment and unification.

Yoga is normally referred to as a Hatha yoga in the west. It also attains the unification of mind, body, and spirit by practicing asanas (yoga postures) mudra (body gestures). Moreover, you can practice pranayama (yoga breathing) and shatkarma (internal cleansing). All these techniques basically purify the body and enhance life-force energy.

Modern Hatha Yoga doesn’t focus on such esoteric practices but emphasizes on different physical yoga postures. Regardless of what actually your intentions are for yoga beginnings, yoga is still beneficial. Just yoga poses are extremely useful physical and mental exercise.

Is Yoga Right for you?

You can practice yoga whenever you want. It doesn’t matter how old are you, what is your weight, where you live and what religion do you belong to in yoga. Therefore, everyone can easily access yoga.

If you have a recent injury or any other medical condition, different postures in yoga can be challenging for you. Moreover, breathing techniques, specific poses can be really dangerous for you. However, there are different modifications or alternatives that allow you to start yoga safely. If you haven’t recovered yet from an injury or have poor health conditions, don’t start yoga first. We recommend you consult with any qualified health care professional before starting a yoga practice.

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

There are numerous benefits of yoga! Yoga really helps you to build virtues. With yoga, you can achieve other good values such as honesty and discipline. Moreover, it assists you in self-inquiry, non-attachment, and mindfulness. Yoga really empowers your life so that you can take conscious decisions to make your life more healthy and fulfilling.

  • Here are some most remarkable benefits of yoga:
  • It improves your flexibility, stamina, strength, range of motion, mobility, and balance.
  • It enhances and maintains the health of organs, muscles, and joints as well.
  • It is really helpful to improve mental health and make it strong.
  • It dramatically reduces your stress and promotes relaxation that keeps you calm.
  • After yoga, you get the most comfortable night’s sleep.
  • Yoga plays a significant role to boost your immune system.
  • It protects you from different severe diseases such as diabetes and auto-immune disorders. Furthermore, it prevents you from different heart diseases.
  • If you have continues back pain, start yoga, it is really good at healing aches.
  • Yoga increases your happiness and reduces depression dramatically.

How to Practice Yoga?

After reading several amazing health benefits of yoga, you would have made your mind to start yoga immediately. Amazing! How to yoga for beginners?

Yoga is typically practiced on a sticky yoga mat with bare feet with different yoga props. Yoga poses and movement require stretchable clothes that can move freely while your body moves. You can easily purchase special yoga pants that are specially designed for yoga practice. However, if you have a comfortable outfit, it will be okay for the beginning.

You find different types of props in yoga classes such as blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets. There is no need to purchase such items because these are easily substitutable. You can use neckties or scarfs, a stack of books or pillows.

If you are planning to take yoga classes in the studio, they will provide all the aforementioned things when needed.

Where to get started yoga?

There are several poses of yoga to get started. We recommend you to take start from a straightforward and short yoga section and continuously build up from there. When you feel comfortable and get used to yoga for beginners’ poses, you can start practicing some more challenging yoga poses.

It is extremely important to keep in mind that all yoga poses contain the essential components of yoga. The components include intention, asanas, breathing, relaxation, and meditation.

How to improve after Starting?

When you start yoga, the change will not occur overnight. It requires patience, repetition, commitment, and consistency to become successful in your goals. These are the keys to your progress in yoga.

When you become a little bit addicted to yoga practice, try to find a special style, teacher and yoga studio that really works for you. However, you can continue it in your home as well if you want.  However, follow these steps for improvement:

  • You keep yourself committed to the schedule of yoga classes.
  • After a few days, increase the time for yoga practices and continuously increase it.
  • Yoga should be your passion so if you have any opportunity of yoga workshops, don’t miss that.
  • Make yoga friends and find different sources of inspiration. It will really motivate you to achieve your desirous goal.

How often should you do yoga?

You should practice yoga for at least 3 days per week. After a few days, you will see significant improvement in your strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion and inner peace. We suggest you go for shorter but more frequent sessions having 20 to 45 minutes long session.

If you don’t give this time to yoga, still it is beneficial, but you will have a smaller improvement even in a long period of time.

If you spend more time practicing yoga, you will definitely have more benefits in a smaller period. Spending just a few minutes in yoga is much better than not practicing. So we recommend you to start yoga as soon as possible regardless of how much time do you have.

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