Two-way Road Of Healthy Food For Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle

Two-way Road Of Healthy Food For Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle

Two-way Road Of Healthy Food For Losing Weight And Gaining Muscle?

We all like to look excellent, don’t we? As humans, we want to look our best. Some of us make it one of the main priorities of life, as it should. We are going to talk about several aspects of a healthy body in this article.

We will see what contributes to a balanced body, which takes you off balance and what other facets of life intervenes in our wellbeing.

In a world that moves forward at a very rapid speed, it is quite hard to keep the balance between your body and food, your work life and personal life, and your mind and body.

One of the main aspects that affect anyone’s life is food. What is right, and what is wrong? We will talk about healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle simultaneously. 

It is a weighing scale that needs to be balanced. Losing weight and gaining muscle together can be very tricky. People go wrong in choosing food items and methods of exercise when they want to achieve both.

The first note of advice; do not overdo anything because by doing so, you will not get to your goal faster.

There is a way your body reacts to change.

Everyone’s body reacts at different speeds depending on the metabolism. So do not look at someone else who is losing weight and gaining muscle and think, ‘why doesn’t it happen to me that fast?’

Treat your body the way it is designed, not based on someone else’s scale. 

We are balancing the scale: healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle

FOOD plays the most significant role in our wellbeing. No matter what people say about working out, drinking protein shakes, or taking pills, your essential meal will decide how the body functions.

It is utterly vital to consume healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle.

There are plenty of healthy and yummy recipes that take very little time in preparing, yet tastes amazing. Fast food or junk food don’t always have to be the tasty ones.

There are other healthy options. We will have a look at some of the most uncomplicated and yummiest healthy food to attain your goal. 

Remember! Protein is the primary ingredient needed to gain muscle. But it is fat and carbohydrate that give energy. Balancing all three is the real trick. There are plenty of food to choose from.

It is easy to say, ‘I don’t have time.’ But it takes very little time to make a healthy, yummy meal. Most of us have a misconception that it is expensive to watch your calories. No! It is not costly.

There are many cheap food options in the world where you can put in, and make a healthy meal. There are ample recipes and healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle


Eggs top the chart in high-quality protein and healthy fats. Proteins are built on amino acids, and eggs are very rich in amino acids. Eggs are one of the most dynamic and versatile foods of all time.

You can have them boiled, fried, poached, scrambled, and even raw.  


Every three ounces contain 17 grams of essential protein. How amazing! The best way to have Salon is when it is baked with some asparagus or spinach.

Don’t forget to sprinkle some sesame seeds to add some sparkle.  

Chicken breast

They are a yummy option and so versatile. You can make chicken breast in many ways. Cook it, bake it, seer it, whatever it is, it tastes yummy. The chicken breast is full of protein and vitamins.

Chicken breasts can be eaten by itself or be paired with something else. Either way, it is a win!  

Greek yogurt

It has more than double the percentage of protein than regular yogurt and hence is a healthier option for losing weight and gaining muscle. They also wondrously help your digestive system.  


Shrimp is another word for protein. It is among the tastiest and healthiest food on the planet. Give it a good seer, splash some olive oil, salt and pepper, and your favorite spice. You are good to go.  


For vegetarians, this is good news! Soybeans contain ample amounts of proteins, vitamins, unsaturated fats, and iron. It is also a way to get you protein and iron for women.  


Any type of beans has a vast amount of necessary ingredients to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time.  


Quinoa is an excellent substitute for rice. This protein-rich food is also packed with magnesium and phosphorus.  

Apart from the above-mentioned food, there are plenty of other options you can opt for. For instance, chickpeas, Peanuts (surprising, but true), buckwheat, tofu, almonds, and brown rice.  

No more worries about your life and body… 

When we check our weight from the scale, oftentimes, we get shocked and disappointed if we are not on the number that we expect to be on. Losing weight has become a trend and a fetish.

People run after tablets, pills, beverages, and other medications to ‘LOSE WEIGHT.’

Your body needs to be handled properly. The human body is such a marvelous mechanism that functions just right when proportionate nutrition is given. Let us talk about losing weight.

What do you mean by losing weight? The truth of the matter is, losing weight basically means losing extra fat. The unnecessary fat layer that is built around your muscles needs to vanish.

Losing fat/ weight takes a calorie deficit. Gaining muscle requires calories.

Now how do you do THAT?! You need to watch your calories in order to lose weight, and you need to consume calories to gain muscle.

It seems confusing and impossible. But there is much healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle.  

Way to do the impossible: bye-bye weight, hello, muscle! 

As much as you think it is impossible, it is possible. The human body is made in a way that, if it lacks something, it tries to fill it with an alternative.

The body just doesn’t give up. It fights to fulfill what it needs to be alive until there are no options. Here, we are talking about losing fat and gaining muscle. You need to ‘lose’ what is extra in your body. 

Losing weight…

For that, you need to stop supplying that very factor that you need to lose. Create a calorie deficit. If you do not know a professional diet or a ‘keto’ diet, avoid eating junk food that you KNOW that you should not eat.

Start with what you know. Once you start supplying less and less fat to your body, the body starts building a gap. Eventually, there will be a gap between what the body expects out of you and what it gets.

Then the body starts looking for an alternative to fill that hole. It is called the chemical energy, also known as the ‘stored fat’ in your body. Your body begins using the stored fat to fill the gap, thus making you ‘lose’ weight.’ 

This is a two-way road. But it does not mean both ways go at the same speed. You do not lose weight the same amount as you gain muscle. Usually, one loses more weight than gaining muscle.

Gaining muscle requires protein, exercise, carbs, and many other factors, thus making the process a bit slower than losing weight. In other words, it is far more practical to lose 10 pounds and gain a pound and a half of muscle.

But they CAN be done simultaneously.

Well, if you are surprisingly gifted, have a fantastic metabolism, and returning to the field after a layoff, you might win the best of both worlds the same way. 

Gaining muscle… 

Now let us talk about gaining muscle. When there is a considerable chunk of weight/ fat stored in your body, and you start creating a calorie deficit, the body starts using the stored fat to provide enough energy to pump blood and grow.

This is the time you start working your muscles. You can start with weight training and lifting to train and tone your muscles.

Your stored body fat will provide you the energy required, even if there is a calorie deficit from the food you intake. This is how you lose your weight and gain your muscles. 

Researchers have found out that a beginner loses more weight and gains more muscle than the one that is experienced.

The reason being, the human body burns more energy when it is involved in something that it is not used to. So after some time, your speed of gaining muscle can slow down. Do NOT WORRY! That has nothing to do with your trainer, your food, or anything for that matter.

It is the way your body works. Once the body gets to know that it faces continuous exercise and workout, it slowly adapts to the situation, burning less and less energy.

This is the mechanism of any machine. When you drive long distance, the amount of fuel the car consumes become less and less by the mile. It is as simple as that.  

Factors contributing to weight gain

Although food plays the most significant role in our bodies’ function, other factors help decides the status of a human body. There is indeed much healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle.

Whatever the case is, if you have the willpower to become the best version of yourself, you can overcome every factor that is blocking your way.

What is done in your mind is already half the job done! If you THINK and DECIDE in your account that you can lose weight and gain muscle, you CAN do it.

Let us see a few of the other factors that circulate our bodies to make it gain unnecessary chunks of fat. 


By genetics, it means metabolism. Everyone brings his or her metabolism in the world. It is generally affected by genes. If you have a high metabolism, fatty food may not affect you as much as it affects someone who has low metabolism.  

Processed and engineered food

We live in a space that is full of processed and engineered food. It is almost impossible to avoid them.

These products are designed to last long by adding preservatives, to taste better by adding artificial flavors, and to be cheap by reducing the natural elements.

People have gotten used to buying these processed food items because they are effortless to consume. Most of them are already pre-cooked.

Most of them need to be put in the microwave. Life has become easy. But these eating habits lead to obesity and other health effects. This is the complete opposite of ‘healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle.’ 

Various food addictions

Too much of anything is not good for anything. Some are addicted to sweets, chocolates, and French fries. It is stimulation that your brain gives, creating a want for these food items.

Some keep eating chocolates for boredom. Some eat sweets while watching TV. Some are addicted to chewing ALL THE TIME. These habits contribute vastly to gaining weight.

It stores unnecessary fatty layers on your muscles.  


Certain medicines can have a lot of side effects. Weight gain is one of the most common side effects of certain antidepressants and antibiotics.

Some medicine prevents you from exercising and prohibits you from consuming a particular food. They may affect a balanced diet and lead you to gain weight.  

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is the beginning of a lot of disastrous instances. The human brain and body need rest, just like every other human-made machine. The human body is also a machine that runs off on energy.

It requires a certain amount of sleep to rejuvenate. Not getting enough sleep can open the door for a lot of adverse effects. A tired body and mind can lead a person to depression.

Taking antidepressants can cause weight gain. Seeing you gain weight can worsen depression. Do you know how a lack of sleep can affect you negatively?

Make sure to get enough sleep. It is beneficial for overall health in your body, as well as your mind.  

How do external factors affect the health of the human body? 

Many a time we ignore external factors and situations that happen around us. Without our knowledge, they affect our bodies directly. Just as much as we need sun and Oxygen, we also need to look at what is happening around us.

If you look closely, the reason for your weight gain is not merely food.

Other things have chartered the cause. Healthy food is not only the food we consume. It is also the different factors that we consume as humans.

In that case, many other elements act as healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle

Psychological instances

When we go through a bad phase of life, for example, a breakup, loss of a loved one, or anything that makes you sad, your mind tires you to alter negative energy.

Ultimately, it makes your body lack energy, thus leading you to consume food that is not necessary.  


We live in a fast-forwarded world. We work, work, and work. Often, we do not have time to think of a healthy meal. We just run by a store-bought can or a packet of junk to avoid ‘feeling’ hungry.  


Organic food has become a luxury. Canned and processed food has become cheap. Hence, a lot of us opt for this processed food to save some bucks. If you think well, you will know there is food that is not expensive, that is healthy.  

Other factors apart from healthy food, that help you lose weight and gain muscle

Just as much as you need healthy food to balance your lifestyle, you also need other factors that we will discuss below. Eating healthy food is excellent.

But we live in a space where many other factors affect our day.

Every 24 hours consist of many instances, many people, and many emotions. There are other things that help complete the pie. Food alone will not do it. 

Working out

As we discussed earlier, building muscle is training and toning your muscles.

It takes a lot of energy from the calories and carbs. Eating a nice, healthy meal and sitting down to watch TV for the rest of the day will not help you gain muscle.

You need to utilize the ‘stored fat’ in your body and burn it as energy, to gain muscle. Working out is an overall recharge to the entire body and your mind.  

Goodnight’s sleep

A good night’s sleep will do all the renovations needed inside the body.

Enough amount of sleep will recharge your body’s battery. It will create new cells and burn the calories of the workout you had during the day. It will also renew your mind and freshen your mood for the next day.

Haven’t you noticed that the days you do not sleep well, you feel less energetic?  


WATER is self-explanatory. You don’t need a scientist or a nutritionist to tell you that you need to drink a lot of water. Everyone knows it is the key to healthy skin, a healthy digestive system, and long life.

Drink enough water. You should at least consume 2 liters of water every day. It helps you flush out all toxins from your body. It is excellent for your skin as well. Do not substitute water for any other drink. Water is matchless!  

Are you pondering upon a dreamy body? Think no more! 

As humans, we try to fit into status-quo. We want to look a certain way to be accepted. But let us face reality. A healthy body and a settled mind are not to impress society. It is for your benefit.

It is for your own life’s success. Do not ever put someone else’s opinion to think that you need to lose weight. You need to lose weight and gain muscle for yourself.

When that happens, your life will change for the better, not someone else’s. Self-love is part of living a healthy life. Accept your body and treat it with the right ingredients. You will see how marvelous your body is.

Feed it the right food, think right thoughts, and get enough sleep, you will be all good. Take a look at overall health. Do not just focus on losing weight and gaining muscle.

It is easy when you thoroughly inspect your entire lifestyle. Also, make sure you always opt for a healthier option since there are many options for healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle.  

Bottom line: Healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle – YOUR way is the best!

The human body is different from one another. It is the same with the human mind. We are all born variously with different capacities. It is foolish to compare your body and your status of mind to someone else. A whole lot of instances contribute to a healthy human being.

Inhales good vibes, exhale negativity!

Inhale fresh air, exhale bad habits. Eat healthy, workout enough. The most important part of losing weight/ fat and gaining muscle is training your mind to see your goal.

You must understand that losing weight and gaining muscle is a process. It does not happen overnight. It takes discipline and training.

But it is possible, and there are many live examples that are enjoying amazing results of losing weight and gaining muscle. Look your best. Feel your best, and do your best. It is indeed possible to achieve.

Last but not least, let us break it down to simple points.

Decide in your mind that you NEED to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Then you choose healthy food for losing weight and gaining muscle. Then you keep at it until you see results.

Your dream of losing weight and gaining muscle is not far away! 

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