Weight Loss Tea – Shedding pounds while sipping tea!

Weight Loss Tea

The next time you go into your favorite coffee shop, instead of asking for your salted caramel latte, iced coffee, or cappuccino, order a cup of steaming hot tea. While tea can soothe your dry throat and kill cancer cells, it can also help you shed some fat. How cool it is to lose a few pounds while drinking tea! Drinking weight loss tea can help you maintain your weight and boost your metabolism because it fills the void of beverages that are high in calories, sugars, and fats.

Switching from your favorite latte with added cream and sugar to a cup of tea can drop a whopping number of calories a day.

Think about it, would you rather drink a 420-calorie caramel mocha or a 0-calorie wellness tea?

Here are some additional benefits of weight loss tea. While its absence of calories boosts your metabolism, the additional compounds in these teas can shred some fat in your body.

Unsweetened tea is basically plant-flavors in hot water. Therefore, you can rest assured for the tea to do the job while you sit at work sipping a tea.

Best tea for weight loss – Here are some of the best teas you can drink to lose weight.

If you pair your cup of tea with a sensible diet and a workout, you can be sure to fit back into your skinny jeans. A cup of herbal brew is healthy for your entire system.

It detoxifies, cleanses, and flushes out fat as you continue to drink it. Teas have a flavonoid that lifts the metabolism along with the help of caffeine.

These two work well together to increase stamina. Here are some of the detoxifying teas you can drink for your overall health.

Green tea for weight loss

The grandfather of fat-burning teas is green tea. It is one of the beverages that increase the metabolism drastically, thus helping you to burn fat.

The antioxidants that flush your toxins are catechins and a substance called epigallocatechin gallate. Researchers have found out that it increases metabolism.

When you consume green tea consistently for a long time, it changes the expression of fat metabolism genes.

Studies have shown that continuous consumption of green tea for over three months can reduce belly fat and waist size by two centimetres.

Oolong tea weight loss

While green tea holds the first place for detoxifying teas, this Chinese tea, Oolong, maybe even more powerful, it has a color between green and black and promotes thermogenesis, which helps the body produce heat from energy, thus burning more calories.

Studies have proven that metabolism rises by 10% after drinking oolong tea, whereas it increases by 4% after drinking green tea.

Black tea and weight loss

Black tea and green tea derive from the same tree.

The difference is, when making black tea, leaves are exposed to the air for fermentation, whereas green tea does not go through a fermentation process.

This process increases its caffeine content. Most Chinese restaurants serve black tea and cold or hot.

Studies have shown that a compound called polyphenols blocks fat from getting absorbed in the intestines.

Black tea also has a vibrant aroma and flavor. But you have to be careful about how you drink it. Black tea mixed with milk may curb the blocking of fats.

Rooibos tea weight loss

Rooibos is an herb from South Africa, and you can make an aromatic, delicious brew out of it. Many studies have shown that rooibos has components that boost metabolism and block fats.

However, whether you drink rooibos tea for weight loss or not, it is a great addition to your tea caddy.

By the looks of it, you may think it is black tea. But it has a distinct taste or herbs and trees, which black tea does not have.

The most dominant taste of rooibos is the taste of roots and parts of trees.

Dandelion tea weight loss

One of the best things about dandelion tea is that it reduces water weight, meaning it increases the urine output. It gives you relief by acting as a diuretic.

Apart from its ability to reduce water weight, it also cleanses the liver. In folk medicine, dandelion roots were used as a ‘liver tonic.’

It suggests that it increases the flow of bile, thus cleansing the liver and bladder.

Why tea? Why not coffee?

A lot of us worry about weight. While it is hard for most of us to maintain a balanced diet, it is also hard to maintain the numbers within the range.

Since the kind of fast food we consume contain a lot of calories and fats, it is essential that we cut them down with something like tea.

Tea is one of the best alternatives for coffee because tea has components that boost your stamina and metabolism. 

Conclusion: The benefits of weight loss tea are countless

Tea has been the detoxifying drink in ancient Japanese, Chinese, and Asian cultures. Continuous consumption of detox teas can help your overall health for the better.

In many folk medicines, tea has been a vital part of detoxifying before treating patients. When it comes to weight loss, tea does not guarantee a size 0 in weeks.

You need to drink one of these detox teas consistently for a more extended period to see results. It is not only necessary to drink tea and eat unhealthy food.

You need to have a balanced diet and a healthier lifestyle to see results.

With flavonoids that help boost metabolism, tea makes an excellent choice of beverage compared to a lot of other hot beverages. Well, you can consume tea, both hot and cold, depending on your preference.

Tea is a catalyst that pushes weight loss to make it faster.

Tea alone cannot make you lose weight. But you can consume tea to flush out toxins and block fats.

Once you have achieved the desired weight, drinking two cups of your favorite weight loss tea can help you maintain it.

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