Wipeout your memory about Flour Tortillas – Boost Taco Night with Cheese Wraps from Costco

Nothing is better than extra cheese and if you try Folios, you can have the best of it. A cheese wrap can be identified as an alternative for tortilla which can maintain a low-carb diet.

Jarlsberg, Parmesan and cheddar are the main flavors of cheese wraps. The cheese wraps are free from gluten and lactose. They are available at Costco and other stores all over the country and inside one pack, you can find out four or ten wraps.

Cheese wraps is a good low-carb alternative to bread. They can be used instead of buns for hot dogs and flour tortillas for tacos. You can also roll up them around your tasty deli meat.

This will be truly helpful if you want to reduce the taking of ketogenic diet or carbohydrates. This is an excellent high fat and a low carb meal because there is no flour, sugar, wheat or starch.

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