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Yoga for lower back pain

Lower back pain is a commonly seen ache in many people. Many things cause lower back pains. The most common reasons for lower back pain are poor posture and a weak core. Most of these pains recur now and then, and they can be very irritating. It is essential to diagnose the reason for the pain if you want to get rid of it. In most cases, yoga can be the best remedy that has no side effects. Yoga can relieve the tightness in the lower back and ease your back muscles. Doing Yoga for lower back pain is one of the best advice given by many doctors nowadays.

Correct posture, breathing, flexibility, and core stability are essential for a healthy life overall. Yoga is capable of fulfilling all the above areas in your body. In addition, it is a safe method to practice daily. But you must stay tuned with your body’s communication. If it is causing discomfort, it is a must that you stop doing it.

Yoga poses for lower back pain- Yoga for lower back pain:

Yoga is good for overall health. But where the lower back is concerned, you need to do only the right poses in order to relieve your back. Here are some of the main yoga exercises for lower back pain.

Child’s pose – Yoga for lower back pain

Child’s pose relieves back pain by extending and aligning the spine, which decompresses the back, giving you a relieving stretch. This is one of the foremost yoga poses for lower back pain relief.

Cat/ Cow: Cat/ Cow gives a nice stretch to the spine and promotes spine stability

This pose helps relieve just any pain in the back. Cat/ Cow yoga for lower back and hip pain is one of the best poses to relieve from any pain. It also helps you become familiarized with your neutral spine.

Downward facing dog

Often, we feel a pain in our backs because the backs of our legs are so tight. If you have a tight back, down dog is the best yoga pose to get a nice stretch. It stretches your hamstrings and calves, which is excellent for lower back pains.

Standing forward bend

Standing forward bend is one of the most common yoga stretches for lower back pain. This pose elongates the spine, back, and legs. If your back and legs are very tight and you are not flexible, you can modify this pose by bending the knees slightly to the front to avoid getting hurt.

Sphinx pose

Sphinx pose creates a beautiful, natural; upwards curve on the lower back. It also helps you to give some exercise to your abs. One of the crucial things to remember is to keep the shoulders straight and relaxed.

Knees to chest

Knees to the chest is a rhythmic pose with a slow rock. Giving a slight rock while bringing your knees to the chest can provide an overall weight massage.

Reclined Pigeon

Reclined Pigeon pose is also called as the figure-four. It stretches up hips, butt, inner thighs, and back. Since the entire lower torso is elongated, it gives a nice stretch that eases the tension in the lower back.

Reclined Supine Twist

Twisting can irritate some people. If it starts to irritate or hurt your back, you have to stop doing it. But in most cases, a reclined supine twist gives excellent flexibility and stretch.

How do these yoga positions for lower back pain relieve your pain?

Yoga, in general, focuses on stretching your body. Yoga is an excellent way to maintain flexibility, stability, and core strength. It develops a person’s personality, outwards, and inwards. Yoga has many health advantages, and one of them is relief from lower back pain. Lower back pain is the most common muscle pain among us. A lot of sit in the same place for a long time in the wrong posture, and it stagnates the back muscles and shrinks the core strength. In return, the person ends up having lower back pains. Lower back pains are also common among mothers who have given birth recently. The reasons for this kind of issues are, carrying the infant with a wrong posture, bending the wrong way, and not getting enough rest. All these lead to severe backaches, which are sometimes unbearable.

There are many yoga moves for lower back pain that can be practiced by almost anyone. These back pains can be easily managed and reduced by practicing yoga regularly. Practicing yoga can boost inner health and elevate self-esteem too. It is a great way to control your body and mind and synchronize with the outer energy.

Yoga for lower back pain, instead of medication

Yoga does not come with side effects. If you are synchronized with your body’s communication, you will only receive good results by doing yoga for your lower back pain. There are thousands of medication options for lower back pain, and most of them give temporary relief. Most pills are mere painkillers that have a lot of side effects. Yoga poses for lower back pain are a great way compared to medication because it comes with less or no side effects.

It would be best if you had patience, a quiet place, and a mat to do yoga. It does not require a lot of time. A lot of us indeed have busy schedules that prevent us from separating time for yoga. But as long as the lower back is concerned, you need to spare only a couple of minutes a day to do those poses. With time, you will start seeing permanent changes in your lower back and overall stability. One of the main results of practicing yoga is increased in the core strength. A lot of pains and aches begin with weak core strength. Alas, yoga stands above medication when it comes to lower back pains. Yoga for lower back pains is, by far, one of the best ways to permanently erase lower back pain.

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